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16oz McCormick Pure Vanilla Extract $18.93 + Free Shipping or $16.94 With 5 Amazon Subscribe & Save Discounts or Free Store Pickup at Walmart

16oz McCormick Pure Vanilla Extract $18.93 + Free Shipping or $16.94 With 5 Amazon Subscribe & Save Discounts. This is an expensive price compared to the past but right now there is a very big vanilla shortage and vanilla prices have been skyrocketing. The shortage is expected to last until next year so if you don't buy it now you are likely to pay even more in the future. This is a great price when factoring in the higher prices going on right now
Instructions to buy on Amazon:
  1. THEY CHANGED THE WAY YOU SUBSCRIBE AGAIN. THE NEW WAY IS TO CLICK THE "SUBSCRIBE AND SAVE BOX" THEN YOU CLICK WHERE IT SAYS "JUST SUBSCRIBE", this is located UNDER the add to cart button. Do NOT click add to cart, if you do that it won't let you bypass the add on like it does with subscribe
  2. To get this deal you must do a subscribe & Save purchase. You can cancel the subscribe & save after you get your order if you wish, see link below to cancel. Subscribe & Save bypasses the add-on requirement, you do NOT need a $25 purchase when doing subscribe & save.. even if the page says so
  3. Choose below, choose your quantity and click the subscribe box. THEN CLICK "JUST SUBSCRIBE" (do NOT click the add to cart button)
  4. Limit 4 orders of each per account, just change the quantity or do a separate order for each one.  
  5. Subscribe and save can be cancelled anytime after the order ships, no further charges, just click here to cancel. The first order (this order) will always be at the price you purchased it for. The second order and all orders after that will be at the price it is currently selling for on Amazon. If you feel that price is too high then you can cancel after the first order