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Free Popcorn and Drink at AMC Movie Theatres

Free Popcorn and Drink at AMC Movie Theatres. You will need either a Cellphone + one other device with a screen on it so you can use your cell to take a photo OR if you have a Bottle of Coke that works as well OR just any code from any coke product
  2. Scroll down to where it says "Unlock a Surprise With a Coca-Cola". The surprise is the free popcorn and drink. You will ALSO get the $1 code they mention as well
  3. Now you have a few options to claim
    1. Use a Coke code from the cap or carton to claim and you are done
    2. if you have a bottle of coke with you: Click the link with your cellphone or tablet and you will see above the enter code box is a "Scan Now" button. Click that and take a pic of the "scan and sip" logo on your bottle of coke
    3. IF YOU DON'T HAVE A COKE BOTTLE OR A CODE then follow these instructions. You will need 2 devices
      1. Click the link from your cellphone or tablet
      2. Click the "Scan Now" Button - this will only show if you are on a cellphone or tablet
      3. WITH YOUR OTHER DEVICE..... Choose ONE of the photos below, if one doesn't work for you then try a different one
      4. Take a pic of the sip and scan logo and upload it
  4. If you did it correctly you will get a message that says SUCCESS! 
  5. WHEN WILL YOU GET YOUR PERK? Once 30,000 people sign up they will email you to claim your perk