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4 Months of Amazon Music Unlimited Streaming Only 99 Cents (Reg $31.96)

4 Months of Amazon Music Unlimited Streaming Only 99 Cents (Reg $31.96). This is an awesome one. Listen to any song, any time, anywhere. You can listen on your phones, tablets, computer and any more devices. Millions of songs available and all ad free. Got this last year and loved it. There are NO charges besides the 99 cents. I was able to sign up again even though I did this last time!
  1. Make sure you see the 99 cents offer before signing up. If you see the $7.99 offer then don't sign up!! only sign up for the 99 cent offer
  2. CLICK HERE, Click try now
  3. Pick the individual plan for 4 Months for 99 cents and click JOIN NOW
  4. IMPORTANT STEP!!! AFTER YOU SIGN UP WE WILL CANCEL THE AUTO RENEW so that you aren't charged after the 4 Months are up.  
      1. CLICK HERE
      2. In the first section click CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION located towards left side of the page
      3. Pick any reason and click Submit and confirm cancellation
      4. Then Click Cancel Subscription
      5. Then Click confirm cancellation
      6. Then confirm and you are done. That means there will be no charges and after 4 Months your subscription will end automatically. You can see the end end on the page it says it will end on Nov 16 and you can use it free until that time