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$30 Of Free Food From Uber Eats!

$30 Of Free Food From Uber Eats! 
    1. This will work in all locations with Uber Eats Pass available. If you don't see the promo in your app then unfortunately it is not avialable for you. It should work for most people though. THIS WILL NOT WORK IF YOU HAD UBER EATS PASS BEFORE.
    2. Log in to the Uber Eats app. 
      • If you don't have the app yet click here and scroll down and download. When signing up you can use referral code eats-vn71c for $7 off your first order
    1. Once in the app on the top of the app swipe through the offers until you see the one that says UNLIMITED UBER EATS PASS. Some may say "Unlimited 30 day delivery, try one month free"
    2. Click on it and sign up for one month. It should say Free Trial for one month AFTER you click on it - don't worry we will cancel it so you are not charged. 
    3. Now you can go to your promotions and you will see the $30 credit there.
    4. Instructions to Turn off auto renew on the unlimited pass so that way you don't forget to do it later
      1. On the bottom of the app click ACCOUNT
      2. then Click EATS PASS
      3. Where it says Auto renew click the slider button and it will ask if you want to turn off Auto Renew
      4. Turn it off and you are done. There will be no charges at all and you get the $30 credit to use