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$15 of Free Food From a Local Restaurant From Doordash + Free Delivery

$15 of Free Food From a Local Restaurant From Doordash + Free Delivery
  1. Click here login or creat a new account (referral link, will also give you $5 off second order), if you have account already then just log in
  2. Click here sign up for the Dash Pass. This is a 1 month free trial and There is NO charge, The first month is free. If you decide to cancel in the first month there no charges. Once you sign up you will automatically have the $15 credit in your account
  3. Click here order from any restaurant IN THE LOCAL FAVORITES SECTION that has the GREEN CHECK MARK or "Dashpass" Logo. Only those will qualify for the $15 off
  4.  Add food to cart. You will get $15 off. About $13.50 of food will be totally free with the fees added. Above that you will pay the difference
  5. At checkout you should see the $15 off and purchase. The credit will only show on the checkout screen as seen in the screenshot above. it does not show on the credits screen!
    1. IF YOU DON'T SEE YOUR CREDIT or see a different promo
      1. Go to box that says "Add Promo Code" or Available Promos' and click that or click change. Select the $15 promo.
      2. Make sure you picked a restraunt that is part of Dashpass! That would be a restaurant the says Dashpass by the name or has the Green Checkmark
      3. And finally Make sure you are ordering from the Local Favorites Section!
  6. DO NOT CANCEL THE DASHPASS RIGHT AWAY! they have 5 new offers coming up that you can get as well for more free stuff, different one every week that you can see in the picture above. Just set a reminder to cancel it at the end of the month trial so you aren't charged for the next month