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Free Google Nest Mini Smart Speaker

UPDATE: MARKING THIS AS EXPIRED NOW! The first night it worked great and everybody got their codes the next morning, however today people reported they did not get their codes. I am hoping that it was just delayed and they will still come, but until they come in I will mark this as expired. If they come and it starts working again I will update the post and let you know.

Free Google Nest Mini Smart Speaker. This is 100% free but it will take you about 5 minutes to do and then you have to wait until tomorrow morning to get the free mini.  It works perfectly, as I have tested it twice before posting so you will just have to trust me. Just follow the instructions below and get yours!
    1. First click below and Download the Google Home app or search the app store for it
    1. Log in to the app. Click get started and enter your info. Then Setup a home in the app.
    2. While it is looking for device click CANCEL on the bottom leftAnd that's it for the app. After you click cancel we move on to the website below
    3. CLICK HERE, click SUBSCRIBE and login
    4. Click get started, then choose I don't have a nest account
    5. For the subscription choose the first plan, the $6/$60 plan and on the next page choose the $60 subscription. NOT THE MONTHLY, choose the $60. DO NOT PANIC YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED. The first month is free and you will cancel it later after you get the Mini
    6. Click confirm purchase for the $60. Again you are not charged the $60, if you don't cancel after the first month you would be.
    7. Now you are done. Wait until the next morning at about 9:30am eastern and you will get an email from with the subject You’ve got a Nest Mini to redeem at Google Store
    8. After you redeem your mini (yes you can do it before it ships if you want) go here and cancel your subscription before the 30 days are up so you aren't charged 
    9. As with any of these deals always best to uses a prepaid card or a card with limits such as Privacy so that if you forget to cancel you aren't charged