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Gallon of Milk Only 99 Cents, Dozen Eggs Only 69 Cents + Free Pickup at Target

Gallon of Milk Only 99 Cents, Dozen Eggs Only 69 Cents +  Free Pickup at Target 
  1. Follow these instructions or you will not see the correct price!
  2. CLICK HERE - you will see a higher price in the begging, do not panic.
  3. On the top of the page where it says "My store" it will say your store name. Click that. In the zip code box enter 40241 and click Lookup. Click SET MY STORE on the Springhurtst Location.
  4. Now you will see the Lower Prices on the item. Click on any item you want to bring up the item page.
  5. Look where it says "In stock at Springhurst", beneath that it says "Edit Store" in small. Click that
  6. Click Edit Location and enter your zip code where you want to pick it up and click find stores
  7. Click Pick up here at the store you want (it will look like it added it for the higher price, but just go to your cart and you will see the lower price)
  8. Make sure to try all the variations of milks and eggs, some stores might not have the 12 but will have the 18 etc...
  9. Go to checkout and you are done!
  10. SOME STORES HAVE LIMIT OF 5, OTHER STORES ARE LIMIT 1 PER ORDER. IF YOUR STORE IS LIMIT 1 THEN can do multiple orders if you want more than 1