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Free $5 Target Gift Card For Downloading Tik Tok - New Accounts Only

Free $5 Target Gift Card For Downloading Tik Tok - New Accounts Only. Deleting and reinstalling does NOT count as new. Must be a new device and a new account. If you have other phones or Tablets in your household that will work fine.
  1. Search app store for Tik Tok and download the app, Make new account and log in
  2. Click on Discover on the bottom (second icon)
  3. In the search bar type the word REWARDS
  4. Click on the Earn Rewards Banner on the top
  5. Click on the Target Gift Card, then click on it again
  6. Now you are on the right page. SCROLL ALL THE WAY DOWN and it will say Enter Invitation Code
  7. If you already have the app on a different device then  you can go to the rewards screen on that device to get a referral code to enter. If you don't have a referral code and need one then CLICK HERE for the post in our group and look in the comments to get a referral code and enter it and you will get 1,000 points. That is enough to redeem the gift card. After you get the points just click on the redeem on the top of the page.  
  8. EACH CODE CAN ONLY BE USED 5 TIMES so if a code doesn't work for you or says invalid try a different code
  9. Code will only work on NEW INSTALL on a NEW Device and a NEW acccount.