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3 Free E.L.F. Cosmetic Items + Free Shipping!

UPDATE: NO LONGER GIVING FREE SHIPPING FOR SOME REASON. IT SAYS FREE SHIPPING BUT AT CHECKOUT IT WON'T GIVE IT. What you could do is contact them and let them know and I am pretty sure they will fix it for you

3 Free E.L.F. Cosmetic Items + Free Shipping!

    1. Works on mobile and computer but not great on mobile.  if you have trouble on mobile... try doing it on a computer if you can. It will go much easier and will be done in a minute. If not then try switching to desktop mode on your mobile
    2. CLICK HERE wait for the popup and enter your email for free lip gloss.  Code will show on the top in black. Copy the code. If you don't see the pop up open it in Private/incognito mode
    3. IMPORTANT FOR NEXT STEP. when making the rewards account make sure for your birthday you enter something from now until the end of November. Such as 11/13, 11/15 or whatever. the year doesn't matter
    4. Click here create a rewards account
    5. Click here or click on the review and redeem rewards on the top section then click the earn tab 
    6. do the following activities: Complete Beauty profile for 25 points, subscribe to email for 25 and subscribe to SMS for 25
      • NOTE when you click subscribe to email or email it will just scroll you down the page. On the bottom of the page there is a spot to sign up. Sign up for ONE at a time then submit. Must use the same email that you used to make your account
    7. Now go to the top and shop. Add any $2 item from the site, or can add more and you will pay the difference. If you add $2 item will be totally free
    8. Click back here for the rewards and claim the birthday reward
    9. in your cart click the redeem reward on the top of the page. Must have at least $2 in your cart in order to be able to redeem
    10. Enter the code for the free lipgloss that you got from step 1 and checkout