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HOT!! Free $40 Gift Card to Any Store After $40 Cashback From Rakuten

HOT!!  Free $40 Gift Card to Any Store After $40 Cashback From Rakuten. Gift card comes right away and can spend right away at the store you choose. Can choose one card from one store or multiple smaller cards that add up to $40. Stores like Target, eBay, Home Depot, Lowe's Starbucks, BP Gas and so much more. The way it works is you make a $40 purchase on Rakuten and this month they are giving new members a huge $40 bonus (used to be lower bonus but now they bumped it up to $40). After the cashback the gift card you bought is then free!

  1. CLICK HERE open a NEW Rakuten account$40 cashback is for new accounts only.
        1.  Each person is allowed to have their own account so you can have multiple accounts per household.  
        2. Once you click the link you should see the $40 offer. if you do not see it then try a different browser or incognito mode/private mode in your browser
        3. This is a referral link, you must be referred to get the $40 offer
  2. Once on Rakuten search for GIFTCARDS .CCOM then click SHOP NOW and it will take you to Gift Cards website
  3. DO NOT BUY VISA OR MASTERCARD GIFT CARD. Two reasons: First im not 100% sure those will work for this deal and second there are fees for those anyways. 
  4. Choose any store gift card you want and make sure the total is $41 or more (yes $41, the page says it works with a $40 purchase but this way we can make sure there are no problems.)
    • Can get one gift card that is $41  or more or a bunch that are less that add up to at least $41, whatever you prefer
  5. Checkout and you are done
  6. In about 2 days you should see the $40 Cashback from Rakuten in your account. You can withdraw it after the return period is for the store, so that they make sure you don't return the items.
  7. ONE LAST STEP. go to your settings in your Rakuten account and enter your Paypal or mailing address. That way they will send you the money automatically, you don't even have to withdraw it. Once it is payable they will send to you on their own.