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WOW!! $60 of Free Bedding, Bath or Window Items from Target After Cashback!!!

$60 of Free Bedding, Bath or Window Items from Target After Cashback. How this works: Rakuten has a HUGE $40 Cash back with $40 purchase offer and Target has a great $20 off $50 coupon. When you combine the two you get $60 of items from Target for $40. Then you get the $40 Cash back from Rakuten which makes the $40 you spent at Target totally free. Amazinggggg offer.  Grab some free towels, weighted or heated blankets, bedding sets and more. Do not miss this!

    1. First Click this for the Target coupon and click save offer and it will save it to your account. Do this first.
    2. CLICK HERE open a NEW Rakuten account. $40 cashback is for new accounts only.
      1.  Each person is allowed to have their own account so you can have multiple accounts per household.  
      2. Once you click the link you should see the $40 offer. if you do not see it then try a different browser or incognito mode/private mode in your browser
      3. This is a referral link, you must be referred to get the $40 offer
    3. Once on Rakuten search for Target then click SHOP NOW and it will take you to Target website
      1. Now add slightly more than $60.01 of items to your cart from the Bedding, Bath or Window department. You will see the items that say $20 off $50 under them, those are the items that qualify Can mix and match any way you want but make sure your order is $60.01 or more. Must be that amount before tax, cannot be $55+ tax. Must be over $60.  The coupon EXCLUDES the following brands so don't choose these brands Casaluna, Hearth & Hand, Pillowfort and Clearance.
      2. $20 Coupon should be applied at checkout automatically as long as you have over $50 of bed/bath/window items
      3. Yes the coupon is $20 off $50 but the reason we need over $60 is so that we are over $40.01 total to trigger the $40 reward from Rakuten!
    4. In about 2 days you should see the $40 Cashback from Rakuten in your account. You can withdraw it after the return period is for the store, so that they make sure you don't return the items.