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Huge $35 Moneymaker on Swagbucks!! Make $35 Profit + Get $15 of Free Products from VELO

Huge $35 Moneymaker on Swagbucks!! Make $35 Profit + Get $15 of Free Products from VELO. Just make any $15 or more purchase on Velo and get $50 cashback on Swagbucks.  This great one has been around for a long time. Works the same way as the $100 Vuse offer from yesterday. You CAN do both. I did this just now and works perfectly. Easy free money! 

    1. If you missed the $100 Offer from VUSE do that one also here 
    2. CLICK HERE make a Swagbucks account, if you have one just log in
    3. CLICK HERE to find the offer, scroll down to the one the says VELO 5,000 SB
      • IF YOU DON'T SEE THE OFFER IT IS POSSIBLY BECAUSE YOUR AGE ISN'T SET IN SWAGBUCKS. TO SET YOUR AGE to over 21 click and take any surveyenter your age when it asks and complete the survey. then go back above and check if you see the offer on the page now
    4. Once on the Velo Page Click pouches or lozenges on the top and make an order that is $14.95 or more
      • Can buy 5 tins of pouches for $14.95 or 
      • Can get 9 Tins of pouches for $16.96 with code FLAVOR6
      • or get 3 Packs of Lozenges and one pouches
      • or get 4 packs of Lozenges
    5. You can use the same login as VUSE, Grizzly or newport for Velo
    6. Free shipping with code SHIPSFREE 
    7. The $50 cashback will in your Pending Activity and will be payable after 45 days. Can withdraw to your Paypal or Redeem for gift cards.