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New Fooji Freebie Giveaway. Win a Free $30 Doordash Giftcard! - 1,500 Winners Nationwide

New Fooji Freebie Giveaway. Win a Free $30 Doordash Giftcard!  - 1,500 Winners Nationwide. If you follow the instructions in the post you will have the best chance of getting one. It's a little bit of torture, maybe a little fun, but at the end most of our members have won in their past giveaways. This ends at 10:30PM Eastern Tonight

  1. CLICK HERE reply to the tweet with #FastFoodiesFund + #Giveaway
  2. Check your notifications for the link and click to enter. CAN USE THE SAME LINK TO KEEP ENTERING, do not have to request a new link (even if it says so on the page). 
  3. Just click that same link again if you lose to enter again
  4. TIPS TO WIN!! 
    1. Use as your guide for accurate time
    2. Try to enter at the end of the previous minute/beginning of the new minute. For example have the full form filled out and even the multiple choice questions they ask you and ready to submit the last button at the 58th second or so of the previous minutes. Meaning you will submit at 1:12:58. The reason being you will be the first to enter at the new minute and if that minute is the winning minute hopefully you will be the winner
    3. Continue entering until you win. For best results if you could enter for example for 20 minutes straight then the odds of you winning are pretty good because you will surely hit one of those winning times. 
    4. No guarantees  but hopefully these tips will help you win