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Win $25 Cash Instantly From Mountain Dew - 40.000 Winners! Daily Entry, Ends 6/12/21

 Win $25 Cash Instantly From Mountain Dew - 40.000 Winners! Daily Entry, Ends 6/12/21

    1. Click here register
    2. Click here to get a free pass. Just save the photo
    3. Then click here to enter. Click upload on the right to enter
    4. TIPS TO WIN!! After years of research I have noticed that all Instant win game winners happen at random minutes in the hour BUT almost always the first seconds of the minute. Therefore use these tips for the best changing of winning. No guarantee you will win but will give you a better chance
      1. Use as your guide for accurate time
      2. Try to enter at the end of the previous minute/beginning of the new minute. For example have the full form filled out and and ready to submit the last button at the 59th second or so of the previous minutes. Meaning you will submit at 1:12:59. The reason being you will be the first to enter at the new minute and if that minute is the winning minute hopefully you will be the winner

There are forty-thousand (40,000) Instant Win Prizes available. Each Instant Win Prize is valued at $25. Instant Win Prizes can be issued in one (1) of two (2) ways: a) an Instant Win Prize winner may claim their prize for themselves, the prize will be awarded in the form of a $25 eGift Card. The eGift Card will be issued to the email address supplied at registration. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of prize; or b) an Instant Win Prize winner may choose to gift their Instant Win Prize to a selected charitable organization of their choice. Each charitable organization will receive a lump sum amount from all consumers who have chosen that organization at the end of the Promotion Period. $25 gift by a participant to a charitable organization is NOT tax deductible and the Winners’ names/contact information will not be supplied to charitable organizations. Limit of one (1) Instant Win Prize per person per day and three (3) Instant Win Prizes during the Promotion Period per person, email address or street address.