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Win a Share of Stock from Cashapp Today - 1,000 Winners. Today only

Win a Share of Stock from Cashapp Today - 1,000 Winners. Today only

  1. You need to have a Cash App Account to enter, if you have one already just go to next step. If you don't have one yet you can CLICK HERE to sign up for one. This is a referral link and you will also get free $5 the first time you use the app and send $10. You can also skip the referral link by searching the app store for cashapp. Cashapp is an app like Venmo and Paypal to send payments to people and it is 100% safe and is owned by the company Square started by Jack Dorsey who also created Twitter.
  2. First click here and pick a company stock from the list you want to win
    1. CLICK HERE TO ENTER on Twitter
    2. Click here to enter on Instagram
  3. Retweet the tweet or reply on Instagram and add your $cashtag and the & symbol and the company name you wnant to win. DON'T FORGET THE & SIGN
  4. FOR AN EXAMPLE a valid entry would be $ heavenlysteals &TESLA
  5. Your cashtag is the username you made when you signed up. If you don't know it go the app and it will be there, it is the dollar sign and then the words or numbers after it