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Free Hanes T-Shirt and Tub of Tide Pods

OK I messed up on reading the rules!! This isn't a guarantee to get the items. Once you reach the level you still have to "win" it. The T-shirt i am sure almost everybody will get but the other items will be harder to win. My apologizes, i thought everybody who reached the point level gets the item automatically.

Free Hanes T-Shirt and Tub of Tide Pods. Sign up now and get 700 free points and then 500 more free points every week or can get yourself some referrals and get more free points that way. You need 1,000 for the free T-Shirt which you will have enough to claim by next week or if you do referrals you can get it right away and need only 2,000 points for the Tide Pods which  you can claim in 2 weeks. Also can get a free Year Supply of Tide pods and $150 for more points
    1. CLICK HERE sign up 
    2.  Wait for the pop up and enter your email. Confirm your email
    3. Now take the quiz for 100 points. The answer is  ALL OF THE ABOVE
    4. Now Slide where it says Add a Cold Wash. Each time you do that you will get 50 points. You can do that 10 times per week.
    5. at some point a bonus box will pop up, that is just a coupon you can click and close it
    6. Then another 100 point bonus will pop up. Watch the video and get those points
    7. Now you will have 700 points. Either get some referrals (100 points each) to reach the next level or just come back next week and do the cold wash again 10 times for another 500 points. There are also more bonus points each week as well so it will be easy to claim both the T-shirt (1,000 points) and the free tide pods (2,000 points)