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$40 of Free Items From Any Store Online After $40 Cashback - New Rakuten Accounts Only

$40 of Free Items From Any Store Online After $40 Cashback  - New Rakuten Accounts Only. How it works: This month Rakuten is offering a HUGE $40 bonus for new users when you make a $40 or more purchase online. All you do is buy $40 of items now and you get the $40 bonus cash back to your account that you can withdraw by Paypal or check. After the $40 cash back the items you got are free. 

  1. CLICK HERE$40 cashback is for new accounts only.
    1. Once you click the link you should see the $40 offer 
    2. This is a referral link, you must be referred to get the $40 offer
  2. Once on Rakuten search for a store  you want and click SHOP NOW. If you want gift cards can just type on GIFT CARD or search for Raise or GiftCardMall
  3. VERY IMPORTANT STEP!!! Once you click on the site you want to shop at it will say CASH BACK TERMS on the top of the page and there it will list any Exclusions. Most sites won't have any exclusions, some will have others like you can't buy gift cards, others like Walmart exclude Apple products, Macy's has certain brands that don't qualify etc...Make sure you read the exclusions and follow them. If it says for example Excludes Lego then you go buy $40 of Lego... then you won't get the cash back. So make sure what you are buying isn't excluded and you are good to go
  4. All  you need to do is make a $40 or more purchase. I personally always like to err on the side of caution so if possible make sure your order is $40.01 or more. If it is exactly $40 it should work fine either way. Make sure it is $40 BEFORE TAX. You cannot do $36+tax= $40 etc.. You must pay $40 at least in items.
  5. In about 2 days you should see the $40 Cashback from Rakuten in your account. You can withdraw it after the return period is for the store, so that they make sure you don't return the items.
  6. ONE LAST STEP. go to your settings in your Rakuten account and enter your Paypal or mailing address. That way they will send you the money automatically, you don't even have to withdraw it. Once it is payable they will send to you on their own.