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SUPER HOT STACKING PET FOOD DEALS!! $50 of Pet Food, Treats or Accessories only $9 + Free Shipping

SUPER HOT STACKING PET FOOD DEALS!! $50 of Pet Food, Treats or Accessories only $9 + Free Shipping. This deal has 3 stacking discounts: 50% off your FIRST autoship order from Chewy on new accounts (can cancel autoship after you get your first order just like amazon Subscribe & save), combined with great Black Friday Sales and $15 off $49 purchase coupon stacks with this deal as well.  
  1. First lets get the $15 off $49 purchase coupon. To get the coupon click here and download the miles app and create a new account. 
    1. Click REWARDS on the bottom and find the Chewy $15 coupon and claim it. It should be scrolling on the top of the page. If not there then click more and click on Pets or also look in the Hot & Trending section, Premium section scroll all the way down or in the Pet section or other sections and you should see it there. 
    2. If you don't have enough points then enter code LIKEONFB to get 250 free points so you can redeem it. If that code deosn't work try code OGMJKM. To enter code click on "account" on the bottom, then click on Enter Invite/Special Code and enter the code LIKEONFB or code OGMJKM
    3. After you claim you can close the app, don't click use coupon. THEY SEND THE COUPON TO YOUR EMAIL so go your email to get your coupon code 
  2. Time to shop! The deal works on New Chewy Accounts Only
    • CLICK HERE - then click on the CYBER SAVINGS EVENT BANNER TO SEE ALL THE SALES DEALS use the sales to maximize the deal and get the best deal
      • Example Deals
        • In the Buy 2 Get 1 Free Section add $50 of items and pay $9 or up $90 of Items and pay $20
        • In the 30% off Food Section add about $50 of 30% off items and pay $10 or up to $90 of 40% off items will be $20 etc... 
  3. CHOOSE AUTOSHIP ORDER AT CHECKOUT FOR THE EXTRA 50% OFF. Works for new accounts only
  4. Use the $15 off $49 code from step 1 and complete your order
  5. CANCEL YOUR AUTOSHIP ORDER AFTER YOUR ORDERS SHIPS! works the same way as Amazon subscribe & Save deals and you can cancel once it ships and there are no other shipments