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Free $20 of Stock from Cashapp!! Some will even get $100.

Free $20 of Stock from Cashapp!! Some will even get $100. You have to win it but there are 53,000 Winners and as with all past Cashapp giveaways you can just keep entering until you win. We always have A LOT of people get it each time so do it! Instagram Entry only this time

  1. You need to have a Cash App Account to enter, if you have one already just go to next step. If you don't have one yet you can CLICK HERE to sign up for one. This is a referral link and you will also get free $5 the first time you use the app and send $10.
  2. You can keep entering until you win. Click below and enter a few times right now.  If you don't win after lets say 20 minutes enter a bunch more times again. Just keep entering until you win basically. 
  3. Click here to enter on Instagram - Follow Them to comment or it will say comments limited (after you follow them refresh the page and it will work or if on the app close out the app and reopen it) and follow Cashapp also. Reply with your Cashtag and also include the hashtag #GiveGivePass 
  4. Your cashtag is the username you made when you signed up. If you don't know it go the app and it will be there, it is the dollar