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$40 of Free Groceries from Imperfect Foods + Free Delivery

UPDATE: SORRY, THIS OFFER EXPIRED !! There are many more great deals posted daily on our deals page here.  

$40 of Free Groceries from Imperfect Foods + Free Delivery. You get a free $40 credit for signing up and get to choose the items you want. They have product, snacks, meats, chesses and much more. It does work for most areas but there are some zip codes that they don't deliver to yet. This is a great one and a great company working to  fight food waste and build a better food system for everyone.
    1. CLICK HERE <- this is a referral link, you must be referred to get the $40 credit.  
    2. Answer the questionnaire, pick the earliest delivery date so that way you can edit what you want in your box right away, otherwise you will have to wait until a few days before it ships to edit it
    3. NOW YOU WILL SEE THE SCREEN SUMMARY SCREEN THAT SAYS IT IS $44-$54 + $5.99 DELIVERY. Do not Panic!! that is not the price :) You will get free delivery on the later screen and also you can make the box $40 or lower making it free
    4. Click create account and enter a email and password and continue
    5. After making the account it will show you what is in your current box. This is where you can change what is in your box (or if you have a later delivery you may have to wait a few days to edit it). Add or remove anything you want. If you make it $40 or under it will be completely free, if it's above that you will get $40 off and pay the difference
    6. After you get the first box you can then go to manage subscription in your account and manage your subscription. At that link you will be able to skip any deliveries you may not need