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Big Walmart Glitch on Sandwiches, Wraps and Salads only 40 Cents Each!!

Big Walmart Glitch on Sandwiches, Wraps and Salads only 40 Cents Each! This works the same way as the doughnut glitch from Last month. You order for the regular price online and when you get the pickup email it will automatically adjust the price to around 40 cents each. Why? I don't know but it does. The doughnuts and pastries also still work as well 

  1. INSTRUCTIONS: You shop and order for the higher price. For example you order the sandwich for $7 or the salads for $5.50 or the doughnuts for $3.76 etc.. and you submit the order for that higher price (you are not charged yet!) You will also get a first email showing that higher price. Once your items are ready for pickup you will get a second email. In that pickup email it will show the lower prices like you see in the photo above. You will not see the lower price until that email. 
  2. You are not charged until pickup. So if anything goes wrong you can just cancel the order. It will work fine though no worries. If any of the items don't adjust you can just have them remove it from your order as well.
  3. Make sure to order above $35 - basically that's only 5 sandwiches. Under $35 they charge a pickup fee. a $35 order will adjust down to about $1.50 -$2 or so. Even after adjusting lower they do NOT charge the pickup fee
    • Salads and Wraps Here  Works for all of the first 8 items listed. All the items that say Made Fresh In-Store in the title.
    • Doughnuts and Pastries here:  only works on the brown box items at the link. may not work on the chocolate iced doughnuts with holes, so skip those
    • Subs and Sandwiches here:   IMPORTANT: Read the list below of working items and non working items

FOR THE SANDWICHES YOU HAVE TO LOOK AT THE PRICE PER OUNCE TO SEE IF IT WORKS OR NOT. The price per ounce is listed next to the price of the sandwich 

      • Marketside All American Sub 37.5
      • New York Deli Sub 37.5
      • Marketside Turkey & Cheddar Sub 40.0
      • Marketside Italian Hero Sub 37.5
      • Chicken Bacon Ranch Super Sub 33.3
      • Supreme Super Sub, 18 oz 38.9 (works only if it lists the 18oz in the title, it just says FULL FRESH it does not work)
    • Does NOT work on these sandwiches, do not buy these
      • All American 42.9
      • Turkey & Cheddar 42.9 or 38.9. only works on the 40
      • Chicken Bacon Ranch 38.9
      • Supreme Super Sub that doesn't say 18oz in the title

YES I SEE IT SAYS FINAL COST BY WEIGHT... and yes it will still adjust to the lower price. I'm pretty sure the fact that it's supposed to be by weight is what is causing the glitch to make it only 25 cents each. Just trust me and do it.