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$40 of Free stuff from Doordash. They currently have 50% off some stores. Giving up to $40 discount. A little trick you can do is order $80 of stuff and get $40 off. However if you order $40 of items that are out of stock then it will cancel those items from your total and you still get the $40 off making the items you get totally free. Confusing? good, just follow instructions below

  1. Go to Doordash and click on RETAIL an d look for the stores that say 50% off on them. Choose whichever you want
  2. Now add $40 of items you WANT, those are the items you are going to get
  3. Now you need to add $40 of items you don't want. There are 2 ways to go about this. 
    • a) First way is to just add anything, then you text to call the doordasher that is shopping for your items and just tell them you don't want it anymore  and for them to cancel it. THIS IS THE EASIEST WAY. How do you contact your driver? After you order it will show their number. You can just call or text them and let them know to cancel that item you don't want. This is NOT calling doordash to cancel, this is calling the DRIVER to cancel 
    • b) Choose items that are out of stock. Since they are out of stock they will have to cancel it from the order. How do you know which items are out of stock? Pick Summer or Halloween items. Bathing suits, pools, any clearance items you find anything like that. and since they are out of stock will have to cancel
  4. APPLY THE 50% OFF AT CHECKOUT (USE THE CODE MENTIONED ON THE STORE PAGE). Now submit your order. When you submit the price will be around $40 but after they adjust it it will be around zero, see the photo and you can see the adjustment
  5. After they cancel those items from your order it will auto adjust down and your final total will be free or close to it.