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HOT Kroger and Affilite Supermarkets Stacking coupon deals. Get $70+ of Chips and Cookies only $12, $80+ of Diapers/Wipes only $26

HOT Kroger and Affiliate Supermarkets Stacking coupon deals. Get $80+ of Chips and Cookies only $12, $80+ of Diapers/Wipes only $26 or make your own deal. Works at Kroger, Ralph's and all their other Affiliated brand stores.

  1. Click here make a NEW account. If Kroger isn't your store then go to your store website and make an account. must be a new account to see the 2 coupons
  2. Click here or go to the Digital Coupons Section. There are TWO coupons there a $10 off and a $15 off coupon. Clip them both
  3. The goal is to get your total as low as possible by stacking deals. You will get $25 off a $75 order from the coupons you clipped but if you stack with other deals like the chips on sale or $10 off $40 diaper deals it will double stack and make your total at the end very low. Below are the 2 deals I mentioned or just find any sale items and create your own deal. What you are looking for are items like the chips or cookies that show as $4.49 but are adjusted to $2.29 when you add to your cart
    1. Chip/cookie Deals - add a total of $75 to $80 of items will be around $12. 16 bags of chips works perfectly or get 8 bags of chips and 6 packs of cookies 
      • Chips here look for the items that say $2.29 when you buy 4. Works on Doritos, Ruffles, Tostitos, Frito Lay, Sun Chips and others
      • Cookies here - look for the ones that say $2.79 when you buy 3, add in increments of 3
    2. Baby Products Deal $80 of items for around $26: Click and add $80 or more of items. You get $10 off $40, so $80 off will give you another $20 along with $25 from the coupons. Some items like huggies may also have some digital coupons to get even more savings
    3. Household Deals get $10 off for each 2 items you buy 
  4. If you want free delivery instead of pickup you can do a free 30 day trial of their Boost membership here