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Free $50 Clothing item from Stich Fix + Free Shipping

UPDATE: SORRY, THIS OFFER EXPIRED !! There are many more great deals posted daily on our deals page here. Also join our groups below for instant deal alerts
Free $50 Clothing item from Stich Fix + Free Shipping. This is a really nice one, they have great brands

  1. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY OR YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO GET IT: do NOT take the quiz after you make an account. Just click, make an account and continue following the instructions. The quiz page pops up right after you enter your name then make an account. Just stop there and continue on
  2. Click either of these links. These are referral links but they are not mine, my account doesn't have a referral. If YOU have a $50 referral (most have only $25, new accounts have none) then message me and I will add your link here 
  3. Choose women's or men's. IMPORTANT TO CHOOSE THE ONE YOU WANT because if you make a women's account you cannot buy a men's item later etc. do not pick Kids, there are no kids items
  4. Click here Enter a password and save
  5. IMPORTANT STEP: NOW LOG OUT (click your name top right, then sign out). DO NOT LOG IN UNTIL AFTER YOU FIND AN ITEM BELOW
  6. Now time to pick what you want. Anything under $50 will be free, otherwise get $50 off any other item you choose
  7. Find an item you want, click on it and click Buy now, Anything $50 or under will be free, anything above you can pay the different
  8. On next screen SCROLL DOWN TO where it says "Already have an account" Sign in and sign in. Do not make a new account
  9. Now enter your address and credit card info. THE $50 credit will not show until the LAST screen, the one after you enter your credit card info. On that screen you will the $50 off making your item either cheap or free 
  10. IF YOUR PAYMENT METHOD DOESN'T WORK CHANGE IT TO SOMETHING ELSE. Prepaid cards mostly do not work, so try a different card or use paypal or apple pay