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Free $25 Burrito From Chipotle!

UPDATE: SORRY, THIS OFFER EXPIRED !!  Join our groups below for instant deal alerts so you don't miss the next deals

Sorry all Free burritos are out now. MORE FREE BURRITOS COMING TOMORROW ON Thursday Chipotle will be dropping free Burrito Codes on their Twitter that you text to 888-222 to get free coupons. Keep an eye on their twitter here  not sure what time it starts but keep an eye on it
also will be having a Robux Giveaway and Free Burritos fore a year giveaway on Friday you can see full details of those here if you scroll down to the rules

Free $25 Burrito From Chipotle! 

  1. Click here make a Grubhub account or log in
  2. Click on Chipotle
  3. Make any Burrito (BURRITO ONLY! not burrito bowl and not anything else) for at least $20 and up to $25.70 Must be at least $20 for it to be free so make sure to put some add-ons to get to $20 or add some extra meat in there to reach the $25 max. One burrito only, do not add 2. must be one that is over $20 on it's own
  4. use coupon code GH20 at checkout (new accounts). The burrito will already be free and code will give you an extra 20% off up to $3 off. If this code doesn't work for you then you will have to pay the tax which will be only $1.80
  5. Do pickup order and it will be completely free. otherwise you can do delivery and pay the frees if you want. If you are an Amazon Prime Member you can  you can get free delivery with free Gruhbhub+, sign up here