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Free $17 to your Paypal or Venmo from BrandClub App. Apple users only

Free $17 to your Paypal or Venmo from BrandClub App. Apple users only. Very easy to do and free money just for signing up for the app
    1. Click here sign up. This referral link gives you $10 for signing up. For me the email signup wouldn't work, all the others worked fine like the Gmail
    2. On the first screen Join all the clubs that pop up (you don't get that money right away, but just join)
    3. Now it will ask to connect your Amazon, Walmart or Target. Connect all 3 and you should get $7 for connecting
    4. You will also have the $10 from the referral for a total of $17 that you can withdraw right away. You can also do the tutorials for an extra $1 each, total $3 more 
    5. To cash out click on Rewards on the bottom, then Cash Out Tab on the top of that page. You will have to verify your email first, do to that click the verify email under the cashout option
    6. If for whatever reason it doesn't let you withdraw right away close the app and wait a little while (or even next day) and it should work
WHAT ABOUT ALL THE OTHER LOCKED REWARDS IT SHOWS YOU? those are "locked". They become unlocked on your next purchase. So as you buy stuff on Amazon, Walmart and Target those rewards could be unlocked and you can withdraw in the future
HOW TO EARN MORE MONEY WITH THIS APP BESIDES THE $17!! Go back to the clubs section and join all the clubs there. After you make purchases from those brands the surveys will become available to you. Each of those surveys pays you a few dollars. Do those surveys everyday and you can earn some decent lunch money from this app.