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Free Chipotle B1G1 Free Coupon First 100,000 + 50 Will win a $500 Gift Card

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Free Chipotle B1G1 Free Coupon First 100,000 + 50 Will win a $500 Gift Card 

    2. you need to answer all 10 questions right. You can keep playing until you get them all right. ALL THE ANSWERS ARE BELOW
Questions are in different order for everybody. Here are the answers:

Fresh JalapeƱo Peppers Are An Ingredient In Which Of These Salsas? 
Answer: All Of The Above

True Or False: The Milk Used In Our Sour Cream Comes From Cows Given Daily Access To The Outdoors—when It’s Not Too Cold, Of Course. 
Answer: True

In 2021, We Were Graded By The Human Rights Campaign On How Our Policies, Practices, And Benefits Stack Up To Serve Members Of The Lgbtq+ Community. What Was Our Score? 
Answer: 100%

Able To Leap Tall Appetites In A Single Bowl, Our Mix Of Kale, Spinach, And Romaine Is So Special That We Named It ______.  
Answer: Super Greens

What Are The Menu Items In The Chipotle App That Are Customized To Keto, Vegetarian, Vegan, And Paleo Requirements Called? 
Answer: Lifestyle Bowls

What’s The Name Of Our In-app, Digital Assistant? 
Answer: Pepper

What’s The Name Of Our Service That Makes It Easy To Get Chipotle For A Dozen Hangry Co-workers?
Answer: Chipotle Group Orders

In 2022, Chipotle Gave 2,000 Individuals Free Chipotle For A Year. What Did Those People Have In Common?
Answer: They Were All Healthcare Heroes 

Why Do We Like To Support Young Farmers? 
Answer: All Of The Above

Which Of The Following Projects Have Been Supported Through Chipotle Fundraisers? 
Answer: All Of The Above

Extra Bonus Answer: Denver Colorado